If You Are Here Then I already Know I Will Love Photographing You

The days are long, but the years are so short.

Your tiny moments matter, more than you know. My style is relaxed and minimalistic, focusing on your unique family connection. My sessions are fun, sincere, meaningful and full of emotions. Together we will capture timeless, authentic, free-spirited portraits. Like you, I love and celebrate my family as one of the most precious gift in life. This is why I love family photography.

What Should you Expect from Your Session with Me?

Expect to play with your kids and laugh with your spouse. And probably think "wow this was more fun and easier that I thought!" Sessions typically take place outdoors and include up to 5 family members. Together we will choose the perfect location for your session. However, I adore in-home lifestyle sessions if that fits your family's needs better. Your furry friends are welcome too! While there is no strict time limitation on your family session, for the sake of kids and parents alike, I usually wrap up sessions within 1 hour. Your family session will be relaxed and enjoyable. with plenty of directing so you don't feel awkward or uncomfortable.

For clothing, I suggest solid colors on the parents and small patterns on the kids. Take look at me "What to Wear" tips below. Avoid white which reflects the blue sky and grass, and any neon colors, which reflect poorly on the skin.

My style of photography results in a collection of images that speak to your families unique beauty and connection. I never want you to have to choose your favorite images and I never want to restrict the images I edit and place in your gallery. Your session (Deluxe All-Inclusive and All-Inclusive packages only) comes with all of your digitals - a generous minimum of 75+ images gallery to keep for life. I want my families to take away something tangible from their session and it seems like the families agree - that's why my most popular package is the Deluxe All-Inclusive. This package comes with a complementary album custom designed by me. However if this doesn't fit your family's needs, I offer straight forward All-Inclusive or A La Carte options to my clients. See pricing below.

Making Memories Together

With plenty of directions from me, your family won't be posing for a camera… You will be creating lifelong memories to be cherished forever. I will encourage you to interact naturally with your loved ones. I strive for authentic, unposed photos with genuine expressions. I may ask you to kiss, hug, tickle, dance, lay down, or snuggle tight. All of this helps to capture truly timeless and meaningful moments.

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Lifestyle Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photography

Things To Know

  • Please Be on Time: This is important. At photoshoots, Time and Light go hand in hand.
  • In the case of rain, We will reschedule as soon as possible.
  • All sessions require a $300 Security Deposit (towards your total investment) to secure your date and time. Your remaining balance will be due at the time of your photo session. Security Deposit is non-refundable if canceled less than 1 week in advance.
  • You hired me because you love my work. Editing is a big part of my authentic style and aesthetics. Remember not to edit your images in any way (no filters, Instagram, or otherwise!)
  • Your gallery will contain all of the best images from your photoshoot that reflect the artistry and high quality of Anita Barcsa Photography - Unedited and “raw” files will not be shared.
  • If indicated in your package, please select your favorite photos from your proofing gallery within 7 days.
  • When you receive your finished gallery, remember to download and save your finished images as soon as possible.
  • Please tag @anitabarcsaphotography when sharing images online.
  • This Small Business dream of mine supports my family. Your tagging and giving credit is not only greatly appreciated, but it help spread the word about my small business. Your kindness and support mean the world to me!

To-Do List

  1. First, we’ll schedule the phone consultation. This will help me learn about your family and what you envisioned for your session, as well as answer any questions you may have.
  2. Sign & return the Photo Agreement and pay Security Deposit.
  3. I will be in touch a day before the session to confirm our plans.
  4. Your remaining balance is due the day before your session or cash at the time of your photoshoot.
  5. After the session, within three weeks your gallery will be shared with you online. Depending on your package (All-Inclusive or A La Carte), you'll be able to select your favorites. For your A La Carte packages, you may choose to upgrade your gallery at this time if you fall in love with more!
  6.  Hang up your art! Don’t let your beautiful images sit on a hard drive—print them big for your walls! I'll be happy to help you to decide what kind, and size of print or wall collage look the best on your walls. However, you can order prints, metals, and canvases through the gallery.
  7. If you purchased the Deluxe All-Inclusive Package your Photo Album is being designed and will be delivered to your home within 4-6 weeks.

What to Wear

If you have invested in custom, lifestyle photography, you are likely excited about planning for your session. The reason I call it an investment is because it is. It is an investment in your money and your most valuable currency, your time and you want to make sure that everything goes great! One of the most fun parts of preparing for your session is planning what you will wear. This is the time to really express who you are! I know some of you stress about getting your outfits together, but trust me, you don't have to. While I don't style my families, I do help them along the way if they ask. Here are some basic tips in preparing your outfits. 

Be Yourself...

1.Most important tip. Be yourself! Lifestyle photography, especially from an artist like myself, is meant to be authentic. If you don't usually wear dressy clothing, don't. If your daughter hates dresses, don't put her in a dress. If your son can't stand wearing button down shirts, don't put him in one. If you are a sporty family, dress sporty. You can find clothing that fits your style that is clean, nice, and comfortable. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't dress your best, but it does mean that you can dress your best in your own style. 

Anita Barcsa Photography_What To Wear Guide for Lifestyle Family Session_ Bay Area's Best Family Photographer_1

Coordinate don't match...

2. Coordinate, don't match. There are rare occasions where everyone in the same color works, however generally you want diversity in colors and patterns. To be frank, it is cheesy and out of style for everyone to be wearing jeans and white polos. When thinking about colors, choose colors that compliment each other. 

Anita Barcsa Photography_What To Wear Guide for Lifestyle Family Session_ Bay Area's Best Family Photographer_2

Keep it neon and emoji free...

3.Stay away from graphics and florescent colors. Please, don't let your kids wear those athletic shirts that are bright neon orange or yellow. These colors reflect very poorly on skin tones. What that means is that your kids face will be bright neon orange or yellow. Graphics tend to go out of style so I suggest staying away from them.

Anita Barcsa Photography_What To Wear Guide for Lifestyle Family Session_ Bay Area's Best Family Photographer_3

It's Your Time to Shine Mama!

5. Mom, this is your time to shine! I love when moms are in dresses (if they like dresses) or an outfit they feel great in! Mom, go out and buy your outfit or choose your outfit out of your closet first. Choose something you feel amazing in and build the families outfits around yours.

Anita Barcsa Photography_What To Wear Guide for Lifestyle Family Session_ Bay Area's Best Family Photographer_4


6. Dress in layers. Layers add interest but also allow for removing clothing if it gets warm. Think scarfs, hats, vests, cardigans, tights, blazers, jackets….

Anita Barcsa Photography_What To Wear Guide for Lifestyle Family Session_ Bay Area's Best Family Photographer_5

Don't forget about the shoes...

7. Don't forget shoes and accessories are important too. A great outfit with ratty shoes won't look as good. Think about how the shoes will match as well as necklaces and headbands etc. These items can add a pop of color too!

Anita Barcsa Photography_What To Wear Guide for Lifestyle Family Session_ Bay Area's Best Family Photographer_6

Pinterest is your friend...

8. Make a Pinterest board or inspiration board with outfit ideas. It will help you get a feel for colors and patterns you love as well as trends you like. Here is my Pinterest Board for a little more help.

Anita Barcsa Photography_What To Wear Guide for Lifestyle Family Session_ Bay Area's Best Family Photographer_7

Anita Barcsa is a self-taught, multiple award-winning photographer who gained recognition in 2013 when her work was first exhibited at an international art exhibit in New York. In 2018 she was honored to win Best of San Jose Family Photographer, and was silver medalist in 2018 Bronze medalist in 2019 the Bay Area - Peninsula Family Photographer. She was featured as one of 14 Amazing Photographers in the San Francisco - Bay Area (McGuire Magazine) and as 11 Best Photographers in the Bay Area (PeerSpace) .