Woman wearing a white jacket and holding a star balloon at Legion of Honor
Woman wearing white top and jacket over jeans smiling at the camera
Man and a woman sitting on a red Ferrari smiling and pointing at each other
Beautiful Korean woman's hair is blowing across her face she is smiling at the camera
Man standing in low light room wearing white shirt. Three mirrors on the wall
Man sitting casually in a modern gray chair looking out the window
Mark McHale SF real estate agent sitting on a green couch looking out the window
Steve Sewell CEO of builder.io standing with his hands in his pocket
Blonde woman in white dress wearing heels sitting in an orange chair
Brunette woman leaning on a brick wall wearing purple blouse and black pants
Brunette woman laying down and laughing on a mower sun chair next to an orange table and two chairs
four woman laughing and having fun
man wearing glasses looking up smiling at the camera
woman wearing a bright pink par of pants standing in front of escalator
woman sitting on a gray bench in front of modern abstract painting
A group of people walking and having fun
Two man walking holding a briefcase
woman wearing a yellow fur coat and hat sitting on a sports car
woman wearing a yellow fur coat and hat sitting in a black Porsche
Woman wearing a red fitted dress and high heels holding a sledge hammer


I'm Anita

The Person behind the lens.

I am a portrait, lifestyle, and branding photographer with a special love for people, a minimalistic and sophisticated approach. I am based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Portrait photography is the art of connecting. Discovering a person, observing and finding those features that make them unique and so special.

My work is an expression of what I am most passionate about people, simplicity, and human interaction. 

I see beauty in everything and everyone.