Finding the connection beyond the lens is what makes a photograph timeless.

What do family photographs mean? It’s pretty simple: MEMORIES. Memories that need to be cherished and displayed on your walls to make your home an even warmer place. These photographs are for you right now but they truly are gifts to your children to see how much they were loved at that time of their lives. Babies and young children won’t remember these days but the photographs will show them how deeply they were loved and how tiny they once were in your arms.

My goal is authenticity. Our photoshoot will be relaxed and fun. Throughout your lighthearted unposed photo session, you'll receive plenty of directions - combining it with good light and composition we'll create print worthy family heirloom photographs for you to hang on your walls. Making your home an even warmer, memory filled place.

Anita Barcsa is a self-taught, multiple award-winning photographer who gained recognition in 2013 when her work was first exhibited at an international art exhibit in New York. In 2018 she was honored to win Best of San Jose Family Photographer. Voted one of the Best Family Photographers on the Bay Area Peninsula by "Bay Area Parents" silver medalist in 2018, and Bronze medalist in 2019. She was featured as one of 14 Amazing Photographers in the San Francisco - Bay Area (McGuire Magazine) and featured as 11 Best Photographers in the Bay Area (PeerSpace) . 

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